Ideas for Summer Vacations in 2024: Top Locations, Itineraries, and More

This selection of our top summer vacation suggestions for 2024 includes nations to where you can arrange the ideal break. Summer is a sought-after time to have novel experiences in well-known locations.

Visit the finest destinations that come to life in the summer, whether you want to travel to Europe, Africa, Latin America, the South Pacific, or Asia. When it comes to travel, the summer months of June, July, and August are the busiest, and space may be scarce. However, if you adjust your expectations and look for distinctive experiences in these popular summer places, you can discover undiscovered islands, unexpected beaches, and rural treasures.

Whether you are committed to exploring your top travel countries or feel your preferred destinations are too crowded for your last-minute summer trip, our travel specialists serve over 100 countries and can put your summer vacation plans for 2024 in motion, helping you visit top spots around the world in your preferred style.

1. Italy

View of Capri Island from Mount Solaro in Italy

Capri, Italy

Italy is always a perfect destination for any traveler. Your summer trip offers a dream Italian getaway, with exceptional mountain scenery, pristine coastlines, inspiring history, and fascinating culture.

With iconic monuments, from Rome’s Colosseum to Pisa’s Leaning Tower, exceptional art, from Michelangelo’s David to Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, and Naples’s pizza to Venice’s tiramisu, experience the breadth and depth of Italy’s majesty. Personalize your itinerary with the help of a local travel specialist for a perfect mix of relaxation and enjoyment.

Italy for summer 2024 is very popular, with many accommodations, guides, and transportation options booking quickly. If your goal is an Italian vacation now, think outside the box and look to the hidden gems of Italy for a unique experience.

Italy Vacation Idea

From a cooking class to the Sicilian coastline, Michelangelo to Raphael, the sample Iconic Italy: Fast-Paced Exploration from Venice to Italy tour can be customized to your preferences. It is perfect for blending the country’s culture, cuisine, and landscape when visiting in summer.

Highlights: Enjoy a gondola ride in Venice • Explore Florence’s famous museums • Discover the ruins of Rome • Tour the Vatican Museum • Hike Mount Etna • Wander the Amalfi Coast

2. Croatia

Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Croatia brings the fantasy of the Mediterranean to life, with the sparkling Adriatic Sea, inviting islands, and dramatic historic cities that overlook the scenic coastline. Unspoiled nature, lavish art galleries, Venetian-era architecture, and countless beaches provide sunshine and a feast of cultural festivities over the summer season.

Wander through the remains of empires, from Slavic churches to Viennese mansions. Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo or immerse yourself in the film locations of epic fantasies. Spend a relaxing day on the beach, visit local winemakers, or dive into the water at an oyster farm.

However you wish to experience Croatia, your travel specialist can plan your trip according to your preferences and goals should you wish to travel to this Mediterranean jewel this summer.

Croatia Vacation Idea

Our 11-day Tailor-Made Croatia Highlights Exploration will uncover the wonders of the land and sea on a personalized trip to visit colorful lakes, family-owned vineyards, island splendor, and urban charms on an active and exciting adventure.

Highlights: Scale the walls of Dubrovnik • Learn the art of traditional Croatian cuisine • Kayaking • Cave exploration • Visit a family-owned vineyard

3. Greece

Long strand of beach with umbrellas in Crete

Crete, Greece

Ancient history and majestic islands embody the wonders of Greece. The welcoming culture accentuates the natural beauty, from the archipelago’s beaches to the mainland’s mountains. Balmy Mediterranean days and captivating ruins have inspired mythology for ages and your visit to Greece can erupt in exciting discoveries and unparalleled adventures.

Visit islands not yet touched by tourists and embrace the wild flavors of cuisine shaped by millennia. Bask in the festive ambiance of cafes and witness the sunset over a volcanic caldera. Your Greece travel specialist can bring the nation’s passion to the forefront with an itinerary planned to your preferences and desires as you explore nature, uncover cultural treasures, and experience the joy of Greek life.

As a popular summer destination for 2024, the best way to visit Greece is with an open mind and a travel specialist who understands the ways you can avoid crowds. Travel off the beaten path to hidden gems or immerse yourself in insider knowledge to enjoy Greece the way you have always wanted.

Greece Vacation Idea

This 12-day Expansive Greece Itinerary: Athens, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini epitomizes the natural and cultural riches of Greece. It can take you to the most popular corners of the country, allowing you to step away from the beaten path for the perfect mix of familiar and new.

Highlights: Visit the Parthenon • Delight in a food tour of Athens • Discover ancient Minoan ruins in Crete • Explore the charm and mystery of Rhodes • Enjoy the beaches of Santorini

4. Spain

Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain

Sunny and warm define the weather and attitude of Spain in summer. As the coastlines swell with visitors from all over the world, the highlights across the country open with possibilities. Flamenco dancers step to a marvelous rhythm, the Compostela trail beckons pilgrims, and the best museums in remarkable cities demonstrate Spain’s contribution to art and European heritage.

The sunshine spreads across the golden landscape of the south, while the lush north offers refreshment and relaxation. Enjoy traditional cuisine steeped in the roots of each region, embrace the epic landscape as it ranges from high mountains to gorgeous cliffs, and explore traditional villages, each moment revealing another beautiful truth about Spain.

Spain Vacation Idea

Magical Highlights of Spain: Culture, Cuisine, Countrysides is a 13-day tour that immerses you in the essential splendor of Spanish heritage, with excursions customized to the culinary, wine, and historic wonders across the country to reveal hand-picked delights.

Highlights: Capture the essence of art in the Prado and Reina Sofia museums • Embrace medieval Toledo • Bask in private vineyards in Castille and Euskadi • Enjoy Gothic Burgos • Savor the flavors of the Basque Country

5. Portugal

Marina da Quinta Grande on Madeira Island, Portugal

Madeira Island, Portugal

Portugal offers the perfect summer getaway, with sun-kissed beaches, fairytale castles, and delicious cuisine informed by centuries of exploration and culinary examination. With picturesque coves, white-washed villages, and grand monasteries, Portugal, shaped by centuries of seafaring voyages and international trade, can be a tranquil retreat or a bustling wave to ride through the summer season.

Whether exploring the urban splendor of the mainland or the picturesque gardens of the Portuguese islands, you can enjoy the idyllic combination of golden sands, remarkable history, and the rhythms to which locals live.

A Portugal travel specialist can help make your dreams of the country a reality by planning a trip designed around your preferences and goals as you explore one of Europe’s warmest and least busy regions in the summer.

Portugal Vacation Idea

Find natural beauty and idyllic cultural splendor on this Lively Adventures of Portugal Tour: Island Getaway to Cultural Hallmarks. Explore hidden caves and island gardens, Lisbon’s captivating ambiance, and authentic cuisine on this personalized tour of Portugal.

Highlights: Kayak Benagil Cave • Explore ancient water channels • Sample the flavors of Lisbon • Discover Sintra’s Pena Palace

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